When Should You Contact an Employment Attorney

Employees: When to Hire an Employment Attorney

Because of the complexity of labor laws, the average person may have difficulty understanding legal information applicable to a specific employment-related matter or be confused by the language used. This is where employment lawyers come in. An employment lawyer can help employers and employees by explaining the terminology in the legislation, handbooks, and wide-ranging employment-related legal papers. Apart from that, an employment lawyer plays a huge role in handling conflicts between employers and employees. Employment lawyers can handle different employment-related issues such as:

employment attorney - Unlawful Termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Contract violations

As an employee, it would probably help for you to know that employment lawyers can represent employees in unions and those not part of any union. Usually, an employee who is not part of a union is considered powerless. An employment lawyer can represent such an employee if their employer has treated them in a manner that violates applicable laws and puts the employee at a disadvantage. Employment lawyers are dedicated to fighting for employee rights and ensuring that all employees are treated fairly.

It is quite easy for an employee to feel powerless when their employer begins mistreating them, harassing them, or discriminating against them. However, employees need to remember that reaching out to an employment lawyer when they feel mistreated, harassed, or discriminated against can level the playing field. An experienced employment lawyer can help you understand your legal rights as an employee, determine your legal options, and navigate the legal process easily and confidently.

If, as an employee, you are not sure whether or not you should hire an employment lawyer, you are in the right place. In this article, get to learn some of the top reasons why an employee may need an employment lawyer. Keep in mind that the following is not an exhaustive list.

When Should an Employee Hire an Employment Lawyer?

As an employee, if you ever find yourself in any of the following situations, consider contacting an employment lawyer.

  • You are facing harassment at work.
  • Your employer has retaliated against you because you exercised a certain right.
  • Your employer has wrongfully terminated you.
  • Your employer is refusing to give you the benefits to which you are entitled.
  • You are being treated in a discriminatory manner because of a protected characteristic, such as pregnancy.

Sometimes, an employee will go through things such as harassment or abuse from supervisors or fellow employees. In such situations, it is usually advisable for an employee to first inform human resources and their employer before speaking to an employment lawyer. However, if, after repeated submissions, an employer fails to take an employee’s grievances seriously, a victimized employee should talk to an employment lawyer. As soon as you discover that you need to reach out to an employment lawyer, make sure you do so without delay. If you wait to contact an employment lawyer, you might ruin your chances of proving the conduct in question and recovering damages.

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