Debunking Five Prevalent Adoption Myths

Adoption is a process that is misunderstood by many. If you are considering adoption, it is crucial that you take time to understand the adoption process. Take time to conduct research. However, when conducting research, you need to be wary of which information you believe. Many myths and misconceptions abound about adoption. The Trabosh Law Firm is here to debunk these myths, offer accurate information, and support people involved in the adoption process. In this article, we debunk five of the most prevalent adoption myths.

Myth #1: You Must Have a Lot of Money to Adopt

One of the most prevalent myths about adoption is that you must have a lot of money to adopt. Indeed, adoption requires money. However, you do not have to be wealthy to adopt a child. There is an option for everyone’s budget. Also, many adoption grants and financing options exist to help people looking to adopt.

However, you should note that financial stability is a crucial consideration in the adoption process. While you don’t have to be wealthy, you must be able to financially support and care for a child.

Myth #2: You are Too Young or Old to Adopt

You might be worried that you are too young or old to adopt. According to New Jersey law, the legal age of adoption in New Jersey is 18 years. In New Jersey, if you are 18 years or older and are at least 10 years older than the potential adoptee, you can proceed with the adoption process. Regarding older people, there is no strict age limit to adopt. Older people are generally considered on a case-by-case basis. When an older person wishes to adopt, certain factors may be taken into consideration, including health, lifespan, ability to care, and parenting ability.

Myth #3: A Birth Parent Can Come for Their Child After the Adoption is Finalized

Birth parents are usually given a certain amount of time to withdraw their consent. State laws determine this time limit. After the time limit for revoking the consent passes, the consent becomes irrevocable. Only under limited circumstances can birth parents regain parental rights after the revocation period has expired. Such circumstances include cases involving coercion or fraud.

Myth #4: Adoption Takes Too Long

Indeed, some adoptions take too long to finalize. But you cannot assume that this will be the case with you. The amount of time it takes to finalize the adoption process can vary based on various factors, including the type of adoption, the adoption agency, the child’s circumstances, administrative procedures, and legal processes. For example, international adoptions often involve additional steps which can prolong the adoption process. 

Myth #5: Single People Cannot Adopt

Another common misconception about adoption is that you have to be married to adopt a child. This is not true. You can adopt whether you are single, married, in a civil union, or in a domestic partnership. It is against the law to deny someone an opportunity to adopt because they are single. 

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