Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. For example, a worker or job seeker could be discriminated against because of their color, race, age, or sex. A person may also be discriminated against in the workplace because of a disability. Just like all the other forms of discrimination, disability discrimination is unlawful. No employer or co-worker is allowed to discriminate against another person because of their disability.

If you have a disability, it is crucial that you watch out for signs of discrimination. The following are some of the signs of disability discrimination you need to look out for in the workplace;


Harassment can take many forms. For example, you may be a victim of disability discrimination if your employer or co-workers make offensive comments or jokes about your disability. You may also be a victim of discrimination if your employer uses intimidation tactics to make you act in a particular way.

Not Getting Reasonable Accommodations

In the U.S., employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. According to ADATA, a reasonable accommodation constitutes a change to the application or hiring process, job, how the job is conducted, or the work environment that gives a qualified disabled individual the opportunity to carry out the job’s essential functions and enjoy the same employment opportunities as other people. If an employer refuses to provide you with an accommodation and yet providing the accommodation will not cause the employer undue hardship, you may be a victim of disability discrimination.

Being Passed Over for Opportunities

For example, suppose an employer refused to promote you to a particular position and then went ahead to promote someone else who has no disability to that same position, yet that person is less qualified and experienced than you. You might be a victim of disability discrimination in such a case. Just because you have a disability does not mean that an employer should refuse to promote you to a position that you are qualified to handle.

Being Punished for Complaining about Disability Discrimination

An individual with a disability has the right to speak out and make reports when they feel an employer or a co-worker is mistreating them. If you made a report to the Human Resource Department and then faced retaliation from your employer, you may be a victim of discrimination. For example, you may be a victim of disability reaction if you received a warning or were terminated from work after you made a report to the HR Department.

Being Treated Differently From Other People

If your employer treats you in a particular manner and then treats other employees differently, it could be because of your disability. Employers are required to treat all employees equally. 

The above are just a few of the many signs of disability discrimination in the workplace. If you believe that what you experienced or are experiencing is disability discrimination, do not hesitate to talk to an attorney. An attorney can help you determine if you are a victim of disability discrimination and help you understand your legal options.

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