Signs You Hired the Wrong Employment Lawyer to Help You With Your Case

Many situations arise that make it necessary to hire an employment lawyer. For example, an employee should contact an employment lawyer if:

  • They have been harassed at work.
  • They have suffered work-related injuries.
  • They have been treated in a discriminatory manner because of their protected characteristics, such as age, color, national origin, sex, or race.
  • They have been a victim of retaliation.
  • They have been denied their wages.
  • They have been wrongfully terminated.

However, it is not enough to hire just any employment attorney. When faced with an employment law-related issue, you need to hire the right professional. You do not want to work with the wrong employment lawyer. Fortunately, if you find out you hired the wrong employment lawyer, you can replace the lawyer. But how do you know if you hired the wrong or right employment lawyer? Below are some signs you hired the wrong employment lawyer to help you with your case.

Sign #1: Poor Communication

It is normal to have questions about your case. If after you reach out to your employment lawyer for an answer, they respond days or weeks later or fail to respond, it is a warning sign that you hired the wrong lawyer. It is also a bad sign if your attorney does not keep you posted about what is happening with your case. A good attorney should regularly communicate with you about what is happening with your case. Yes, lawyers are busy people. However, that is not an excuse for ignoring clients or not updating them about their cases.

Sign #2: Inefficiency

Does your employment attorney regularly miss important meetings? Is your lawyer always late for meetings? Does your employment attorney constantly miss deadlines? If your employment lawyer regularly misses important meetings, is always late for meetings, or constantly misses deadlines, it is a sign that you hired the wrong lawyer.

Sign #3: Unethical Conduct

Examples of unethical conduct include your lawyer deceiving you and them knowing there is a conflict of interest in your case but proceeding. It is also unethical if your lawyer wants you to violate the rules or cheat. If your lawyer has engaged in unethical conduct, it is in your best interest to look for another attorney as soon as possible.

Sign #4: Lack of Enthusiasm

Your case should be a priority to your employment lawyer. They should take your case as seriously as you take it, if not more seriously. As much as your lawyer is handling other cases, they should have a good vision of where your case is headed. Your employment attorney should care about your case. If your attorney does not seem enthusiastic about your case, it may be wise to hire another attorney.

Sign #5: Failure to Establish a Track Record of Success

If you cannot confirm how many cases in the area of law your case involves the lawyer has handled before and how many of those cases they handled successfully, you might have hired the wrong lawyer. Someone with a proven track record of success may not guarantee a win, but they definitely increase your chances of winning.

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