Reporting Sexual Harassment to a Human Resources Department

If you are being sexually harassed at work, there are certain things you need to do to protect yourself. It is crucial that you tell the harasser to stop. However, only confront the harasser if doing so will not endanger you. You need to tell the person harassing you to stop the offensive behavior, so they know their conduct is unwelcome. For it to be considered sexual harassment, the behavior must be unwelcome. If you cannot tell the harasser to stop face to face, do so in writing. In addition to telling the harasser to stop or if you are worried for your safety or are scared that the harasser might become more aggressive if you confront them, you might need to report the incident to the Human Resources Department.

When it comes to reporting sexual harassment to a Human Resources Department, the following are some things to keep in mind;

Find the Right Person to Contact

When an employee reports sexual harassment to the HR Department, it might not go well if the representative does not know how to handle the situation. Therefore, when you go to report your case to the HR Department, ensure you do not just speak to anyone. You should talk to someone tasked with handling such reports. For example, this could be the HR director or HR manager.

Provide All Necessary Information

If you have evidence that can help you prove you have been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, bring that evidence to the HR Department. For instance, if you have text messages or emails from your harasser, print them out and present them as evidence.

Follow Up

After you report your case to the HR Department and are informed of what the department plans on doing, it is crucial that you ask how long it will take for something to happen. If that time passes and nothing has happened, ensure you follow up to see where the department has reached with its investigations.

You are Protected Against Retaliation

If you are facing sexual harassment in the workplace, you might be worried that you will lose your job if you go to the HR Department. Well, the unfortunate reality is that it is possible for you to lose your job after reporting sexual harassment to the HR Department. If you do not lose your job, you may face retaliation in other forms, such as being involuntarily demoted, denied a promotion, or given a lower performance score than usual.

However, if you experience retaliation after reporting sexual harassment to the Human Resources Department, know that you are protected under federal and state laws. If you report sexual harassment to the Human Resources Department and your employer retaliates against you, you will now have a separate claim for retaliation. In most cases, it is better for an employee to report sexual harassment, make a paper trail, and then protect themselves from retaliation.

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