Leave of Absence Rights Know Your Rights Regarding A Leave of Absence

In addition to leave provided by our employer, such as vacation time, paid time off, personal days and sick leave, you have leave of absence rights under New Jersey and federal laws. A leave of absence is excused time away from work to permit an employee to deal with particular circumstances arising in their life.

During a leave of absence, the employee’s employment continues for the duration of the leave of absence. A leave of absence can be either paid or unpaid. New Jersey offers two forms of compensation for certain types of leave of absences:

  • Temporary Disability Insurance – you are eligible for temporary disability insurance if the leave of absence is due to the employees own medical condition;
  • Family Leave Insurance – you are eligible for family leave insurance if you are taking a leave of absence to bond with a newborn or an adopted child in the first year of placement, or are caring for a family member with a serious health condition.

Visit the below pages for more details regarding your leave of absence rights.

Employers may not interfere with your right to take leave under the above laws and they may not retaliate against you for taking a leave of absence.  Contact Ms. Trabosh if you believe your employer has violated your right to a leave of absence.