Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Unfortunately, even with strict laws in place, age discrimination is still quite common in the workplace. Anyone can face age discrimination at work, but among those who are affected the most are older employees. As an older worker, you may have concerns about age discrimination impacting your career. If you suspect age discrimination in your place of work, the following are some signs you may be right:

Biased Comments

These can be blatant or subtle. An example of a blatantly biased comment is your employer calling you “old man/woman.” An example of a subtle biased comment is your employer asking you questions about your retirement plans.

Younger Employees are Receiving Preferential Treatment

If you have noticed a pattern of older but qualified workers being laid off and younger workers coming behind them, or less-qualified younger workers being promoted and older qualified workers not being promoted, these may be signs that age is a factor in hiring and promotion practices in your workplace. You should note down which employees are being laid off, hired, and promoted. 

Your Work Duties are Assigned to a Younger Employee, and You are Reassigned to Unpleasant Duties

If your employer decides to assign your work duties to a younger employee and reassign you to unpleasant duties, it may be a sign that age discrimination is at play. Work reassignment can indicate that your employer is trying to get rid of you. Perhaps they are trying to get you to quit.

You Do Not Get Raises

If you have been performing well and your younger co-worker has not been performing so well, it could be a sign of age discrimination if your employer gives your co-worker a raise and fails to do the same for you (unless you are at the top of the pay scale). Usually, employers stop giving older employees raises with the hope that they will leave the company on their own.

Poor Performance Reviews

Since you started your job, you have been performing well and getting positive performance reviews. Suddenly, you are getting 1s instead of 4s in your performance reviews and getting into trouble for things that were never a problem until this moment. Find out more. It is possible that all this is happening because of your age.

You are Being Encouraged or Forced to Retire

Sometimes, employers offer retirement packages to employees as an incentive to retire. If your employer is offering retirement packages, stay on the lookout, as they could be doing so with the intention of getting rid of you and replacing you. Other times employers enforce a mandatory retirement age. This is generally illegal. If there is a mandatory retirement age at your workplace, you are likely facing age discrimination.

Your Position is Being “Eliminated”

If your employer says they are eliminating your job position, only for them to rename the position and give it to a younger person, the chances are that you are facing age discrimination.

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