Four Mistakes Victims of Sexual Harassment Make

If you have been a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace, you should know that there are legal options for you to pursue to get the justice you deserve. For example, you can file a sexual harassment lawsuit with the help of an employment law attorney. Through a lawsuit, you can be compensated for what you lost because of your employer’s actions. It is crucial for you to keep in mind that the average settlement for a sexual harassment lawsuit will vary greatly from plaintiff to plaintiff. Generally, after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, the amount of compensation you will receive depends on the specifics of your case and the seriousness and extent of the sexual harassment you endured.

For you to obtain fair compensation after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, you must build a strong case against your employer. Also, for you to make sure you have a strong case, it is crucial for you to hire a lawyer who can gather the evidence you need to prove your rights under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and/or federal civil rights laws were violated. You can also increase your chances of having a successful sexual harassment lawsuit by avoiding mistakes that others have made in the past. Learn from victims who made errors and reduced the value of the claims.

To ensure you get a positive outcome from your claim, avoid, among others, the following mistakes;

Failing to let the Harasser know the Harassment is Unwelcome

To have a successful lawsuit, you need to show that the advances were unwanted. Directly telling your harasser to stop behaving in a particular manner is usually the most effective way to get the message across. However, if you fear that directly confronting your harasser will jeopardize your physical safety or your job, you can ask someone in a position of authority whom you trust to tell the harasser you want the unwelcome behavior to stop.

Failing to Report the Harassment

If you are a victim of sexual harassment in your workplace, review your employer’s sexual harassment policy and procedure for making sexual harassment complaints. After that, promptly report any incidences of sexual harassment according to your workplace policy. You can also approach your union, if you are part of one, for help. Failure to report harassment can lead to your employer avoiding legal liability for the harassment.

Failing to Document the Harassment

It is always a good idea for a sexual harassment victim to document sexual harassment instances so they can have evidence to prove their claim. For example, you can keep a journal of the harassment detailing what happened, when an incident occurred, where an incident occurred, and who else was present. It would also be best to keep any offensive pictures, notes, or text messages related to the harassment.

Failing to Hire a Skilled Lawyer

You should retain an employment law attorney as soon as you decide to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer. Delaying to hire a lawyer can jeopardize your case. Therefore, because sexual harassment cases can be difficult to prove, ensure you only hire a skilled lawyer. 

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