What Expenses Does New Jersey Child Support Cover?

In New Jersey, parents are obligated to support their children emotionally and financially even if they do not live together, are divorced, or are separated. In cases where parents are separated, divorced, or living separately, New Jersey courts order child support payments to ensure both parents contribute to the financial well-being of their child(ren). One of the things parents do not understand regarding child support is what this money can be spent on. Sometimes, paying parents come to us, as attorneys, complaining about how the receiving parent is spending child support. It is crucial to understand what expenses child support covers. Below, we discuss the expenses that New Jersey child support covers.

What Expenses Does New Jersey Child Support Cover?

In New Jersey, child support is intended to cover various expenses related to a child’s upbringing. The following are some of the expenses New Jersey child support covers;

Basic Necessities

New Jersey child support covers a child’s basic living expenses, including food, housing, and clothing. The parent receiving child support can spend the money on mortgage payments, clothes, food, groceries, and utility bills.

Medical Expenses

Child support payments in New Jersey can cover a child’s medical expenses. The receiving parent can use child support payments to pay health insurance premiums, co-pays, and out-of-pocket medical costs. This is one of the main benefits of child support. By ordering a parent to pay child support, the court can ensure that a child has access to the medical care they need. Child support payments even cover prescription medications and over-the-counter treatments for common diseases like the flu or colds.

Educational Expenses

In New Jersey, child support payments cover educational expenses, including school fees, tuition fees, uniforms, books, and extracurricular activities. Educational expenses can add up quickly, and without enough funds, a child’s educational needs may not be met. Child support ensures children have access to quality education. Child support helps maintain stability and consistency in a child’s academic journey. Moving a child from one school to another because of financial constraints can adversely affect them.

Childcare Costs

If a custodial parent needs childcare services, such as daycare or after-school care, to attend school or work, child support payments can help cover these costs. Child support in New Jersey aims to ensure that children’s daily care needs are met, taking into consideration the custodial parents’ educational or work commitments.

Special Needs

Child support in New Jersey covers any additional costs associated with meeting the needs of a child with special needs. Child support payments may encompass expenses related to therapy, medical care, and assistive devices needed for a special needs child’s optimal development and functioning.

College Expenses

In New Jersey, parents are allowed to include provisions for college education in child support orders. These provisions can stipulate how college expenses will be split between the parents.

Transportation and Travel

Child support payments in NJ may cover the costs associated with maintaining a car, such as gas money. Child support can also cover public transport and parking fees. However, child support cannot cover the cost of buying a new vehicle.

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